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ASM Novara District Heating Plant

  |    |  ASM Novara District Heating Plant
Construction of a new plant: Development of the final architectural and structural project, Quantity survey and Cost Control.
Site: Novara
Client: ASM Novara S.p.A
Year: 2011
Project Value: € 5,700,000.00
Architectural design: (Concept and Architectural Project) Mr. Giorgio Rosental

The project involved the final and executive design of the new district heating plant for the City of Novara, a strategic building, according to the NTC. The plant was designed in four blocks, each functionally different from the others. The four blocks, arranged to form an X, are connected to the centre where the chimney and the water cisterns are located. Particular attention was paid to making the project blend in with the setting through the development of masonry shielding that recalls the local traditional construction technology.