Società di Ingegneria S.r.l.



FRED carries out integrated and coordinated design and planning based on the idea that a building is a complex organism with a structure that has its own history, a life of its own and a technological system that is always evolving through an integrated approach and a continuous search for rationalisation and optimisation of the tasks to be completed to establish an efficient construction site with a specific project calendar.


Each phase of the design and building process requires the interaction of the actors involved and the continuous search for constructive feedback from the stakeholders, who influence each other and their individual choices. The interaction between these actors is carried out through principles that have always been at the core of FRED’s working method:

  • cooperation, participation and sharing of information
  • agreement on the objectives of the project and its schedule
  • analysis and study of benchmarks
  • multidisciplinarity and sustainability (environmental, social and financial)
  • identification of realistic and effective strategies for the project
  • transmission of experience


FRED’s team develops the project from the concept to the executive/construction stage, providing a complete architectural study and, at the same time, integration with the specialised disciplines and the achievement of the objectives established during the preliminary stages of the process .


FRED has solid experience in the management of complex and multidisciplinary projects and has worked in Italy and abroad, making available the expertise of its specialists. The design process is managed by ensuring integration between architecture and engineering with the constant monitoring of specialised developments through a disciplined organisational method of verification and control.


FRED performs activities in every area of the construction process aimed at managing and monitoring the construction process. The skills acquired and the high level of specialisation make it possible to effectively control and manage construction quality and the project’s costs and timing.

Construction & Works Management are supported by a team of specialists in Safety Coordination (Italian Legislative Decree no. 81/08).


As it has from the very beginning, FRED offers specialised consulting in the field of construction and real estate, particularly in the following areas:

  • Technical and economic feasibility studies
  • Estimate and cost control during design and execution (job accounting)
  • Fire prevention design
  • Safety and emergency management in complex buildings
  • Estimates and valuations of real estate assets
  • Technical due diligence for audits, assessments, acquisitions, etc


Aware of the sectors in which it operates and the skills acquired, FRED is always attentive to trends in architecture as requests evolve over time, ready to accept new challenges and explore new areas of specialisation. When it comes to the exciting and tireless pursuit of architectural quality, it focuses its efforts on defining spaces on a human scale, not only in line with the latest legislation but also and above all with the demands and needs of the client.

FRED believes in the importance of cooperation, and over the years – thanks to its experience in general coordination – it has been able to exploit the added value of partnerships established on a case by case basis for the purpose of carrying out integrated projects that offer a concrete answer to increasing sectorisation and specialisation of the disciplines involved in the construction process.