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Inland Revenue Office of Via Alassio

  |    |  Inland Revenue Office of Via Alassio
Renovation of former Unicredit Archives and decoration of new offices open to the public:
Design, supervision of works, safety coordination, fire-fighting consulting.
Site: Via Alassio 5A, Turin
Client: REAM SGR Core Nord Ovest Fund
Year: 2011-2013
Surface: 800 sq. m
Project Value: € 570,000.00
Tenant: Inland Revenue Office (Former Equitalia)
Intended use: services - offices
Architectural design: Studio MARC

The tenant’s need for both visibility and discretion, given the work it does, represented the leitmotif of the project to decorate the new headquarters of the Inland Revenue Office of Via Alassio 5A in Turin. The decoration of the offices involved an old storage space on the ground floor, part of the building complex in Via Nizza 150, former RIV SKF production plant, former Unicredit Complex, and former CRT. A property complex of 110,000 sq. m owned by the Core Nord Ovest Fund managed by REAM SGR. The site is distinguished by the blue black volume of the entrance, which marks the access to the main space. It was decided to maintain the industrial look of the building, avoiding the addition of false ceilings and leaving visible the original floors and structure, adding the technological elements (like the systems) and also leaving them exposed to view.