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New office of Tosetto Weigmann e Associati law firm, Turin

Renovation and decoration of new offices:
Structural and systems design, management of structural and system works, safety coordination and project accounting.
Site: Corso Galileo Ferraris 43, Turin
Client: Tosetto Weigmann e Associati
Year: 2011-2012
Surface: 2,000 sq. m
Project Value: € 1,650,000.00
Intended use: services - offices
Designer: Studio Marc
Company: DEGA S.p.A.

This restoration, renovation and change of use project involved a historic building located in Corso Galileo Ferraris in Turin, a 19th-century building completed in the early 20th century, sold to the Dominican Sisters after WWII and finally transformed into the new headquarters of one of the most prestigious law firms in the city, and, more generally, in Italy.

The project had to consider the historical traits of the building and its essential elements – all very well preserved – like, for example, the Juvarra-style central staircase. Indeed, the relationship between historical identity and innovation (particularly the suspended library) was a key element of the project.

A careful study of the internal layout allowed adding technical and architectural elements in the historic settings so as to align functional standards with more contemporary needs. Fred was able to make a significant contribution both in the design and execution phases, not only from a design point of view (structures and systems), but also in terms of coordination and management of the construction process which was concluded by the deadline set by the customer and on budget.