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Type “E” STS accommodation facilities, Oglianico – Turin

  |    |  Type “E” STS accommodation facilities, Oglianico – Turin
Renovation, change of use and expansion:
Structural design, systems design, management of general works and systems, safety coordination.
Site: Oglianico, Turin - Italy
Client: Fermata d’Autobus non-profit
Year: 2011 - 2012
Surface: 600 sq. m
Project Value: € 425,000.00
Intended use: residential/health
Architectural design: Daniele Levi
Artistic design: Daniele Levi

The transformation of a building for mixed residential and commercial use into accommodation facilities for those in need involved the complete redefinition of the building’s layout, situated in a private park area. The building is clearly different from those nearby due to its linear and rational architecture, helping to enhance this area situated near the historical city centre. Numerous strategic works were carried out to maximise living spaces and services, including a redesign of both the vertical and horizontal layout. The primary objective of the project was establishing a strong link to the surroundings, achieved by carrying out an attentive analysis of the site.